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Decadent Desserts

Do you love coffee? Do you love desserts? Why not combine the two. Decadent Desserts offers an inside guide to entertaining your guests all in the comfort of your home. This book will teach you how to pair a variety of coffees and desserts and set a cozy and enticing atmosphere for your next get together.


This book is meant to inspire you to be the kind of host or hostess you've always wanted to be. Mix, match, add or subtract between your favorite recipes and flavors and make these recipes your own.

Organize your next dessert party, after-dinner party, or a cozy gathering with friends. We not only have all the recipes you need we also have the tools you need to pull it off!

Visit our Amazon Store to get started. have your cake and coffee too!

...have your cake and coffee too!

Be inspired by all thing's coffee and dessert. Take the rich and diverse flavors in coffee and pair them with the flavors found in your favorite desserts. This book will help you host your own Decadent Desserts event. Get your copy today! Buy Now.

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