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Host Your Very Own Ice Cream Social

Cool off this summer by hosting your own Ice Cream Social. You can be as fancy or as informal as you like. You can host children or adults, but whatever you choose just have fun!

Tip #1 - Select a theme

Pick a color scheme or theme using colors in a single hue, use a more colorful palate for informal settings and all white is great for a more elegant look. Decorate with things that inspire you, flowers, candles, and vases are great for any setting.

Tip #2 - Create your menu

A Social is all about fun, so choose fun ice cream flavors, fun toppings, and fun colors. Make sure you have enough ice cream and toppings for your guest to try more than one.

Tip #3 - Party Activities

Ice Cream Taste Test: blind fold participants and feed them samples of different ice cream flavors to see who can correctly identify the most flavors; use a combination of flavors; this is great for children or adults.

Whatever you do just remember to have fun!

Happy Entertaining❣️

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