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Amazon Prime Day

July 11-12, 2023

1. What is Prime Day? Prime Day is Amazon's deal event exclusively for Prime members, featuring personalized deals and top brands. The event came to life for customers on July 15, 2015, as a way to celebrate Prime members on Amazon's 20th birthday.
2. How can I prepare to find deals on Prime Day? Join Amazon Prime to participate fully in Prime Day. Explore all the benefits of Prime Membership. Some additional ways to prepare include: Check out Prime exclusive member deals and get exclusive discounts on thousands of items when you shop as a Prime member.
3. What is included with Amazon Prime? Membership allows you to access all the Prime Day deals for members, as well as exclusive benefits such as 2-Day Shipping, Exclusive Member Deals, Prime Video, Buy With Prime, Amazon Music, Prime Gaming, and more.
4. When is Prime Day? Prime Day is July 11 & 12, 2023.
5. Where can I find the best prime day deals? The best Prime Day deals can be found on the Amazon Prime Day page.
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