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Triple Blended Coffee Bean

A triple-blended coffee is a combination of beans from different countries, different regions, or the same region but different growing areas blended to achieve a unique expression of flavor, acidity, and body. Sometimes it's a twist on a popular blend that highlights the acidity or body of the coffee and other times, multiple coffee beans are joined to create flavors that are reminiscent of baked goods or holiday traditions. 

Selective focus on French press coffee pot and homemade iced coffee frappuccino, lazy Sund

Brewing Method

There is some flexibility when brewing blended coffees, but you will get the best flavor using a pressurized method. If you enjoy an espresso-style drink, try using a French Press or an espresso machine; however, if you enjoy deep flavor notes the pour-over method may work best. 

How to Serve

Blended coffees work great in iced coffees and they pair well with light and tart desserts. 

Sponge cake with cherry syrup serve with iced coffee. Cherry cake in cozy outdoor
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